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There are many effective tactics we use to increase traffic to your website. However, strategies to bring in quality leads to increase sales (or other conversions) are our true focus.


To increase sales, you must increase your conversion rates. Conversion rate is the measure of the number of potential customers that go on to buy. In the context of a website, it is usually the percentage of visitors that make a purchase. Many websites concentrate solely on increasing the number of visitors they have, when often they have fairly simple problems with their site that, if solved, would have a huge effect on their conversion rate and improve their site's bottom line at minimal expense. Here are a few considerations to improve conversion rates.

First, you must find a way to stand out from the competition. It should start with the domain name, and continue throughout your entire website’s strategy.


Then in your content and your design, you have to address exactly what your audience needs and deliver it in a package that is attractive, easy to read and easy to navigate.


Relevance is very significant. If you are targeting a market with specific keywords, your audience should land at exactly the right place after typing those keywords and finding your website. So if your audience types “classic cars” and your link appears, on clicking through they should be taken to the page on your site listing and selling classic cars. They shouldn’t land at the home page of your website which has a small link to the classic cars section and 5 or 6 other types of cars for sale.


Measuring and experimenting is then the key to improving conversion rates. You can’t improve conversion without measurement unless you’re making educated guesses or you’re just plain lucky. So get a good measurement system, learn what it’s all about, and test your changes.

Finally and most importantly you must build trust. You can’t sell anything if your audience doesn’t trust you. You can help them to trust you by prominently displaying your privacy policy, shipping procedures, the fact that you use SSL encrypted protection for the forms on your site, that hundreds of satisfied customers have already bought from your store and that you make it easy to find contact information such as support via email. You can also educate your audience via articles, ‘how-to’ sections or newsletters to instill trust over time.


Growth is necessary for business survival. Stand still and the competition will quickly overtake you. Increasing your conversion rates is a business growth strategy that any small business can use.


Grow your business. Increase your traffic, leads and sales. We can show you how to improve your conversion rates and build the bottom line.

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