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A company can have more than one website for its products and services. Multiple websites help a business owner in getting more traffic, leads and in turn sales.


Multiple website means different domains of same company providing same services and products. Business can be grown multifold if these sites are developed and optimized smartly in search engines.


There are basically two types of commercial websites:
1) Leads based website
2) Sales based website


For companies having leads based website, multiple websites can be developed without giving any reference to main website. E.g. a mortgage lender can have more than one websites for more leads coming in through search engines.


For companies having sales based website, multiple websites can be developed by keeping cart solution at one secured domain and all products pointing to it.


One should apply different search engine optimization strategies on different websites. So in case algorithm is changed, websites owner is always on safer side. There should be absolutely different content on every website and each website should be hosted on different servers having unique C Class IP address. There should be no interlinking between websites. Otherwise search engines take it as network and can ban all sites.


Multiple Websites


There are more things to be kept in mind and an expert can help you in building good business online through multiple websites.